Meeting Pécs (Hungary)- Development


MONDAY, February 7, TUESDAY, February 8

A new meeting of «Copilots» project is taking place in the Hungarian city of Pecs, within the Erasmus + program, financed by the European Union.

The local restrictions, due to the Coronavirus, involved the non-attendance of the Italian, Dutch and Spaniard(Huelva) groups, although they are participating in the most important working groups in an online way. And the face-to-face representation has been reduced to the host institutes, Turkish and Spanish(Segovia), as well as the Rectorate of the province of Edurne (Turkey).

The first day was dedicated to the groups introduction and of each student in particular, as well as various games that allowed break the ice, interaction and mutual knowledge among the participants.

The second day was directed to the presentation of the app “Mindmeister”, management and presentation of results generated with this tool.

The teachers were planning activities to be carried out coinciding with the International Week for a Safe Internet, as well as discussing agenda items.

WEDNESDAY, February 9

The third day had a cultural character. In the morning, we visited the Szigetvar castle, a historical place of reconciliation between the Ottomans and Hungarians, while in the afternoon the students learned to use the Storyboard tool, ending the day with an exhibition of the work carried out..


THURSDAY, February 10
Thursday’s day had a marked character of coexistence. Thus, during the morning there was a bowling competition in which the students took the opportunity to interact and communicate with each other. In the afternoon they were instructed in the handling of the tool, at the end of which there were the corresponding presentations. Finally there was a farewell party that included a snack, music and the formal acts of delivery of diplomas to all attendees.


FRIDAY, February 11
As final activities, the students attended the Laser Corner where they enjoyed a competition among themselves to continue with a visit to the Roman cemetery recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The afternoon was used to visit the city and purchase souvenirs.


SATURDAY, February, 12
Finally on Saturday the return trip was made.


Meeting Pécs (Hungary)

Dates:  6th February (Monday) – 12th February 2022 (Friday)

Take Place:  Pécs, Hungary 


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In this case,  it will be the third one and we will take advantage to join students of different countries as well as teachers representing  every organization involved in this project.

Our host organization is Pécsi Mezőszél Utcai Általános Iskola. They have arranged a complete program of workshops and several lectures about the most cutting-edge Web 2.0 tools.

Due to the current situation of the pandemic COVID19 in every country there will be some partners that will be obliged to assist to the meetings via online.

In addition, during the meeting we will face the usual aspects related to coordination, budget and future agenda.

Meeting Bitonto (Italy)

Dates: 11/10/2021-15/10/2021

This new meeting of students and teachers took place within the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 Copilots.

Concretely, this has been the second meeting. In this case, the city selected was Bitonto, in the south of Italy. Our host was the “Liceo Classico e Linguistico Carmine Sylos

Every partner of this project has participated in the meeting, with the exception of our colleagues from Turkey, who did it online, due to the current situation of the pandemic COVID19 in their country.

The meeting lasted 5 days (from Monday, October 11th to Friday, October 15th). Workshops have been carried out with students, about topics always related to the objectives of the project, as well as different work meetings. Finally, every partners planned the coordination of the COPILOTS project “Change of Pace, Improve Learning Outcomes and Techniques at Schools


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Training Course Online



Training Course: C1 CO-PILOTS.
Course Code: 2019-1-TR01-KA201-074890
Venue: Online
Dates: 15/03/2021- 19/03/2021
Duration: 5 days courses, 10 hours during afternoon, from 17:00 CET to 19:00 CET
Training fee covered: 100%
Preliminary requirements: An A1 level (newcomer) in all of the DigCompEdu Framework competences (Certification not needed).
Additional resources available: computers, Internet connection, digital projector, speakers, headphones, tutors, online platform with supporting materials, papers, pens.
Proficiency profile: B1 – Integrator
Methods and schedule for evaluation: This training course will follow a Non-Formal methodology in every domain, in order to promote the interaction between learners and trainers as well as between students themselves. Different methods will be developed within the online sessions, giving special attention to the Case-method methodology based on project, learning by doing and the Interrogative perspective.

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Meeting Huelva (Spain)/1

As you can suppose, this meeting has been canceled as well as many others.
We are suffering  a pandemic due to the covid 19 coronavirus.
We trust that we can soon return to normal activity.


This was our plan (sorry for the incovenience)

Short term exchange of groups of teachers in Spain.

Teachers will learn how to use various Web 2.0 tools.

Dates: From march 30 2020 to April 2 2020

Take Place: El Rompido- Huelva- SPAIN

Meeting Edirne (Turkey)


During the past 20,21 and 22 January, the initial meeting of the Erasmus + KA2 project called COPILOTS (Change of Pace, Improve Learning Outcomes and Techniques at Schools) took place in Edirne (Turkey), which aims to adapt current teaching methodologies to new technologies existent nowadays.

After the presentation of every partners, the objectives, activities, agenda, budget and distribution of the tasks to be carried out during the next two years of the project were specified.

At the same time, it was used to present the project to local authorities and begin the dissemination of the project and the study of its sustainability over time.