Digital Classroom

An environment equipped with innovative technologies in which students are actively involved and take their own learning responsibilities. In the new digital classroom environment, students will gain the ability to transfer knowledge to new learning by internalising the knowledge according to their learning speed and style.

Safe Internet Ads

Students will use Web 2.0 applications such as Canva, ANIMOTO and VoiceThread to demonstrate their work on internet safety up today in their school via making a short movie. The students will demonstrate what they have done, name it, write scripts then make a commercial video.

Web 2.0 Tools Guide Reference

Guide that will outline the most useful applications that can be used to create innovative learning environments. It contains the most important information, notices and tasks to do and will be constantly updated.

Collaborative Story

Because Piratepad is cloud-based, multiple students can work on the same form at the same time. So students will work together on a story and express their comments to give each other feedback and make decisions together.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Next-gen devices have shifted old fashioned games into high-tech applications. Digital Scavenger Hunt game has students explore their learning in a new and puzzle solving manner. All of the items are going to be prepared via Cram. In line with our objectives, more expected results are as follows: *Traditional learning environments transformed into modern ones *The use of Web 2.0 tools integrated into the curriculum *Digital literacy of students improved *Student centred learning/teaching environments