KA2 Copilots Project


What is it about?

Computers, Internet and New Technologies have become indispensable part of our lives.

The wide use of Internet and ICT among young people for communication and entertainment makes it impossible for education to be left out of it.

The more students enter the cyber world, the more important becomes the concept of digital citizenship, as well as the related problems and risks. In fact, some of the heaviest users of online tools and social media are our young students, who are growing up as a generation of visual learners and visual attention seekers.

That’s why we urgently need “digital citizenship education” which provides a framework for teachers  to educate students inside digital technology. The students should be aware of the aspects of the digital community they are interacting with and should have conscious and self-monitored interaction with the members of this community.

The results expected of our project are the following: Digital Classroom, Safe Internet Ads, Web 2.0 Tools Guide Reference. Collaborative Story and Digital Scavenger Hunt (for more information click here)